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Solutions to smelly feet

The bad foot odor has affected us all some time, some more than others, but no one is free to have a condition feet. Thus, the interesting thing is do something about it and fight it, since that is the problem will never cease to blush when you come to undo the laces and take off footwear.

What is the smell of feet?
The podobromhidrosis is the scientific name when they smell the feet. The cause is bacterial decomposition of sweat mixed with the fat of the sweat glands, which produce it falls off the smell of rotting cheese so characteristic of those suffering from this problem. Note that the environment in which there is growing fungi and bacteria is very favorable, a dark, heat, damp and poorly ventilated. Fungal-fungal infections, preferably lie between fingers, under nails and on and along the bacteria are responsible for the odor of the feet.
Causes of podobromhidrosis.

There are various reasons that can trigger a foot odor problem, but all must be taken as seriously. What is meant is that there are reasons that seem more serious than others and they are, but you can start with something simple that may escalate to problems that may require medical intervention. Let’s review the reasons, you can give one or more and may be warning, through the bad smell of feet, there is another problem that is not necessarily or only podobromhidrosis:

Bacteria and fungi in the feet are more common in warm seasons, usually appear by the natural scaling of the feet and grow when conditions are conducive to it, resulting in the unpleasant odor.

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the extremities: results from an overactive sympathetic nervous system and causes it to sweat more than normal. One in four people suffer from this and usually presents as a major cause of foot odor.

Damaged skin of the feet by germs, can be of different families, such as bacteria and fungi, but are unique in their metabolism produce a gas that causes the bad smell of the lower extremities.

Wearing inappropriate footwear: if the heat is too much and use closed shoes, your feet will sweat and produce odor. If we choose to wear shoes that brings us sweat or that has no ventilation, are contributing to problems of smelly feet. In this case only the shoe change and improvement is seen.

Socks: you must use cotton or natural fibers that absorb sweat better. Use of other materials may cause foot odor.

Stress: when going through a period of nervous system have altered, the body may react by increasing perspiration and thus produce the odor.

Hormonal imbalances.


Metabolic problems.

The causes can vary by each individual agency, because we are all unique and, therefore, each can develop other reasons or not to suffer from foot odor by any of the above reasons. Worry always identify and combat them.